Johnathan Andrews

Become A Model

Capture what makes you beautiful!

#ToCaptureTheEssence features female beauty, passion and expression.

The criteria to become a model (models must be 18 years and older) includes that models need to have unique qualities and can very well be "the girl next door" - tattoos, piercings, different hair etc. "Alternative" models. Urban culture. What sets you apart?

What does the modelling opportunity entail?

We continuously recruit models to do shoots which are featured on this website and in our publications.

The nature of the shoots are sexy, expressive, passionate and aims at capturing the essence of each model. The shoots start fully clothed and end fully nude, but each modelling category has different requirements - while the Fashion Modelling requires no nudity. Where nudes are done, no explicit sexual imagery, spread shots, penetration or any obscenities whatsoever are featured/allowed - only tasteful, artistic and world class photography!

Models need to be 18 years and older to apply and in the Fashion Modelling category, the minimum age is 16.

Due to high demand, we have recently created a category for male models to apply for shoots. This new section of #ToCaptureTheEssence is in the making and should be launched soon - in the meantime, please apply if you are a male model HERE

Do I get paid?

Yes. A model could receive up to R2500 and R5000 for one or more shoots depending on the project and shoot type.

How can I apply to be a model?

CLICK HERE to visit our page which contains an online application form as well as more details about becoming a model.