Creative Journey With Christine

The #ToCaptureTheEssence project is so much more than just "shoots with models." At the heart of the project is my aim to connect with people who will inspire the photos that I capture of them - whether it's a set of portraits, a photo essay of their story, or a shoot based on a kind of fantasy.

During this past week I met a young woman, Christine, who is in the process of inspiring a photographic shoot, which I think will yield a slightly different set of images compared to what I have thus far featured on this website. The shoot will include an element of fantasy and will be based on a true story - my hope is that the message behind the images will be an inspiration to us all.

The shoot will tell the story of a woman who managed to find her "true self" in a new and fulfilling life of adventure and success, after being trapped in the mediocre and the mundane for too many years. 

I think that many of us could relate to this in some way or another. Does life not have the tendency of causing us to loose focus and become bogged down with our day-to-day things? Often causing us to forget our dreams, let alone to follow them...

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