What the modelling opportunity entails.

#ToCaptureTheEssence features photographic shoots of female models. We continuously recruit models to do shoots which are featured on this website and in our publications.

The nature of the shoots are sexy, expressive, passionate and aims at capturing the essence of each model. A shoot starts fully clothed and ends semi-nude, covered-nude or fully-nude. No explicit sexual imagery, spread shots, penetration or any obscenities whatsoever are featured - only tasteful, artistic and world class photography!

Models need to be 18 years and older to apply.

The modeling fee paid to a model for a shoot varies and is negotiated beforehand.

What is the typical profile of a model that you are looking for?

To be considered as a model you need to be in shape, be passionate about modelling and have what it takes to make a great photo. We also apply a number of other factors to the selection criteria which from time to time changes as e.g. the different shoot concepts are developed. If you are not selected for a shoot straight away, you should consider applying again in a few months.

General model criteria: beautiful face and hair, slim body, no long artificial nails, cup size from B - D. 

Do I need modelling experience?

No, you don't need any modelling experience. Just be comfortable in front of the camera. We are especially keen to hear from you if you have never done any modelling before!

Where do the shoots take place?

The shoots take place on location and may from time to time be scheduled to take place in studio. Each shoot is individually planned, styled and designed around each model.

What happens after I have submitted this application form?
  • Your application will be reviewed in 5 working days and you will be contacted if you are selected for and interview.
  • If your submission was successful, we generally schedule an interview during which we will discuss a possible shoot.
  • If the interview was successful, we set a date for a shoot and start planning.
When does the model fee get paid to me?

The model fee is paid to you via EFT after the shoot has been completed.

How is the model fee determined?

The model fee is determined by the shoot category and the creative scope of a shoot and may sometimes be paid for a series of shoots. The fee is negotiated and agreed upon before a shoot will take place.

Who is the photographer for the shoot?

Johnathan Andrews will do the photographic shoots with the models. You can read more about Johnathan by browsing to these links:
Johnathan Andrews Photography
Johnathan Andrews Biography

Do I receive photos from the shoot for my portfolio?

Yes, a selection of up to 5 of the photos will be available to you for non-commercial, portfolio use. These images are branded with the #ToCaptureTheEssence logo. You are able to obtain more images at a charge for processing, editing and supply.

If you would like to discuss your application to become a model, please send an email to info@johnathan-andrews.com

Models say:

"The photos are stunning! Especially the one we never really planned! Thank you Johnathan, will be glad to do another shoot any time ;)"

"The shoot was great fun and I must admit I really enjoyed it."

"Was a one-time-thing for me. Ticked off my bucket list!"

"I can't believe that's me! I'll never think of myself the same way again. I love the pics!"

"It was a challenge and hard work, but well worth it."

"I applied to model to get a confidence boost - it was awesome!!"

"A first time model experience. Surreal. Want to do it again."