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#ToCaptureTheEssence in 2017

Where to from here?

Since the very first shoots for the #ToCaptureTheEssence project at the end of 2014, I have received applications from almost 5000 models, not only South Africa, but many other countries all over the world. It has been an awesome experience to connect with so many people with whom I have something in common: "... to capture the essence of female beauty, passion and expression..."

It has certainly not been possible to have a shoot with every model who applied, but I attempted to select those models who I believed that I would be able to most powerfully connect to on a creative level. I tried to keep (with a few exceptions) my selection to mostly inexperienced and amateur models to add value to their modelling aspirations by giving them a selection of photos from each shoot that they can use in their portfolios. To my knowledge, a few of the models were able to use their portfolios to get attractive commercial modelling jobs - one even landed a TV commercial.

Each shoot that I have done thus far has been different in some way or another. Although the lighting and scene could have been similar in some shoots, the models and their stories were never the same. At the heart of #ToCaptureTheEssence is to do exactly that: the challenge to capture that "special something" about each model which makes her beautiful, unique and her unique expression of herself. I hope that you see this when you look through the Photo Features.

Now a new year. And as surely many other people are, I am asking myself the question: "Where to from here?"

My "To Do" list for 2017 include: continue my search for models, publishing a #ToCaptureTheEssence book of the 2014 - 2016 shoots, do more location shoots, shoot more videos... but I think these are quite obviously where it all must and will go. I however feel that I need some special element and something "more" to add to 2017 as a goal that I can aspire to achieve.

After giving this a lot of thought, I resolve that there are three things that I would really like to do with #ToCaptureTheEssence in 2017:

  • Do at least 4 shoots in different countries. I would like to do this to experience the #ToCaptureTheEssence project in the context of cultures other than those in South Africa.
  • Have at least 1 exhibition of a collection of my work in a prestigious gallery.
  • Present at least 2 well attended talks about the work I have been doing for the #ToCaptureTheEssence project. I would love to share what is behind many of the photos with models, photographers and every other person who has an appreciation for art.

Well, there it is!

Lets see how the year unfolds...

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